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Pakistan country score card in global gender gap report 2016

The problem

Out of all 144 countries, Pakistan is rated the second highest in the Global Gender Gap. In Pakistan, only about 1/10 of the population uses the Internet. Though this is a relatively high number with respect to other South Asian countries, there is a clear rift between access in urban versus rural areas – 17.4% of urban homes have access to internet as compared to a mere 1.3% of rural homes. The disparity of being disconnected from the Internet is most stark in the developing world, where only 32% of the population has access.The link between Internet access and individual and community development is most starkly proven by the fact that “the offline population is disproportionately rural, low income, illiterate, elderly and female”. This disparity is compounded further by socio-economic inequality and gender disparity that is clearly translated into the digital arena, leaving rural women the most isolated from internet access in the country. This unequal online representation is a reflection of the great gender disparity prominent in Pakistan, where social barriers restrict women from mobility in the public space, limiting opportunities for education, employment or general autonomy of movement.

our Vision

Internet access is becoming crucial in a more connected world due to its unique ability to break down barriers of distance, and allow people to instantly exchange information and ideas that can transform their ways of life. In this way, it empowers individuals to be aware of, and exercise, their civil liberties and participate in the social, economic and political development of their countries, and the world at large.The purpose of this organization is to offer a safe and productive environment for women to access the Internet, and a collaborative space to develop ideas and promote personal and professional growth for all women, free of cost. We want to create a space where women are able to be productive and feel comfortable while utilizing the Internet for their education, career or networking. This tech lab will not only motivate women and girls to learn technical skills, but also help them to apply it to their personal goals and endeavors. It is important for this tech lab to be exclusively for women as existing computer labs are typically dominated by men and are deemed unsafe or improper places for girls and women. The tech lab will be operated by women, contributing to the local economy and providing opportunities for employment and job experience for local women. 

outcomes & Benefits

Internet access offers many benefits not only to the individual utilizing the internet, but the community as a whole. The women are gaining knowledge and access to information, allowing them to get more career opportunities and giving them a platform to grow their networks. With these improvements in the individual, the community is also promoting gender equality, supporting the market, and allowing economic development as the women are able to participate in the society more. 


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